Who We Are

Correspond is The Web Company's digital communication program, helping businesses to communicate with their clients and prospects through online marketing campaigns.

The Web Company works with our clients to design compelling online campaigns. We then use Correspond to produce powerful results that can be measured - not estimated.

World class designers and software engineers follow strategic marketing expertise to build online marketing campaigns. These campaigns are then executed through our easy-to-use online software tools that allow for our clients to view real-time results.

The Web Company is an Australian company with sales offices in Melbourne, Bendigo and Shepparton. Our service level and attention to detail to our clients is held in high regard, and we choose our partners and clients carefully. You should want to work with us as much as we want to work with you.

The Web Company undergoes continuous training and professional development to help keep your online marketing campaigns up-to-date, and to make sure that we are following best-practice standards.

The Web Company is part of the SASI Marketing Group, arguably the largest marketing team in regional Victoria, and is proud to work with a number of national clients, such as Hudsons Coffee, The Complete Garden, and the Royal Mail Hotel.

If you would like to discuss what Correspond can do for your business, please contact us. We also have the ability to work with existing marketing strategies that require online marketing, so don't hesitate to let us give you a quote for our agency services.