What We Do

With The Web Company's email marketing solution, Correspond, you can run highly-targeted email campaigns and measure the results in real-time; ensuring maximum return on your investment.

With email marketing now widely recognised as the single most cost-effective marketing tool in the world – with every $1 spent translating into $48 in revenue – now is the time to harness its power to boost customer retention and loyalty and drive sales.

More than just another supplier, at The Web Company we realise we are only successful if you are. We exist to serve your business and to help you reach your targets – whatever they are. With Correspond, you can take your current marketing efforts to the next level and manage email marketing campaigns online, using our simple-to-use, permission-based program.

The full service program provides you with custom-designed emails to fit the look and feel of your business, whilst offering you today's best practice standards. We also provide testing through different email and spam engines, ensuring your recipients can open and read the information.

The Web Company supports the email marketing campaigns with digital print brochures, interactive elements, and other additional services designed to assist your business.