Standard Features

Correspond includes some of the best practice features of email marketing.

Forward to a Friend

This feature enables your customers to forward the email offer to their friends and family, increasing your exposure.

Links to your Web Site

Each email that gets sent will have a link to your web site where your customers can click once and get detailed information on your business.

Customised Emails

The Web Company has world class design staff responsible for producing professional looking and eye-appealing email campaigns. Our staff will design emails specifically for your line of business, creating consistency month after month.

Email Personalisation

Each email will have the ability to be personalised with an individual's name, which will create a one-to-one relationship between your business and your customer base. Personalisation can also include other types of data, such as location, current points value, etc.

Web Site Sign Up

When an individual visits your web site there will be an area where they can opt-in to your email program, and return to update their details and preferences. Once the individual signs up, their information is automatically stored within Correspond's database.