Email marketing campaigns through Correspond are available in two pricing options.

Agency Campaigns

Agency campaigns are where we work with you to establish a strategy and a schedule, and create bespoke campaigns that fall in line with your existing marketing applications. Pricing is determined based upon design requirements, the volume of emails and frequency of campaigns. Contact us for more information.

DIY Campaigns

The second option is where we work with you to establish a strategy, but provide you with email templates and access to Correspond, and allow you to enter the content and work to your own schedule ... whatever that may be! We are available for support if you have any questions, but usually, once you're up and running you'll be fine.

Costs for DIY Campaigns are as follows:

  • $395 account set up fee (once off administration fee)
  • $600 allowance per template; $145 per hour as required
  • $10 per campaign send
  • $0.07 (7 cents) per email

Please note that prices exclude GST.

Price reductions are available for campaigns with more than 50,000 emails - please contact us for more details.

Have any questions? See our FAQ section.

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