How It Works

There is more to Correspond than simply sending emails!

In this section of the site you will find information regarding the features and benefits of Correspond, pricing details for standard campaigns, and our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Following you will find the basic outline of each of our email marketing campaigns.

Collecting Email Addresses

Once you register with Correspond, we will help you obtain email addresses from your clients.

If you have an existing web site, we can help to set up an opt-in form to encourage visitors to the site to sign up to receive promotional offers and updates on a regular basis.

If you have collected email addresses from your clients already, we can help you to export this data and import it into Correspond.

If you have a large existing customer database but don't have any email addresses, we can help you to run campaigns that encourage your clients to update their details online, and then help import this information back to your businesses internal software.

Email Campaigns – Design and Production

We will work with you to create a strategy to obtain real sesults, which includes setting up a campaign schedule to create copy, imagery, and offers (both print and web site based). With every campaign you will receive an image-based preview of the artwork, which once approved, will be sent to production to be converted into a HTML-based email and tested against different email programs and spam engines.

Campaign Deployment

Once approval has been received, The Web Company schedules the campaign for deployment. The emails are sent out to your current clients, giving them a compelling reason to frequent your business again and again... you don't have to lift a finger! All you have to focus on is servicing your clients when they walk through the door.

Online Campaign Reports

As soon as the email is sent out, you can watch the results appear right before your eyes. The Web Company provides you with login details to Correspond to view your campaign results in real-time, providing analytical data that can pinpoint who your best prospects are, and what parts of your current promotion are getting the most attention. We can even integrate with Google Analytics.

End Results

Combining your campaign results with sales data will enable you to determine your return-on-investment. We can help you to analyse the previous campaign, and look for trends that will assist with future campaigns to lead to even better results.

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